4 Reasons That Grandmas Tend to Be Organised

With it being International Women’s Day this week, it seemed fitting to write about really powerful women, Grandmas.  This may not be the case for everyone but it was certainly true in my family!  Grandmas are often at the heart of most families, and the person who everyone looks to for advice, life lessons, and if you’re lucky, good cooking.  So, it makes just makes sense that most grandmas tend to be organised so that everyone is led down the right life paths and doesn’t leave the table hungry.  Often times, they are an example for the rest of the family to try and live up to, which isn’t always easy.  But they got this honourary title for a few, very good reasons.

1) Life Experience

Let’s face it, grandmas tend to be old, or older at least, and it goes without saying that they have lived longer.  Having a few more years under their belt (or garter) means that they have had way more opportunities to experience more stuff.   Each lived event has added another notch of a collection of knowledge onto their life belts, and taught them many lessons along the way-some good, some bad.  But the most important lesson of all (of course) was that being organised made life easier and sometimes longer. 

Traditionally, family sizes were much larger than families today so grandmas would have had more little people under foot to try and keep alive and raise to be decent human beings. Having more children around meant that there would have been more mouths to feed, bottoms to wipe, tears to dry, clothing to be mended, and the list goes on and on.  With such a plethora of jobs to be done, if grandmas weren’t organised, life would have been pretty chaotic.   Add some food shortages, wars big or small and fatal illness that now have cures, and hard life lessons would have been coming at grandmas left, right and centre.  These women would have had to meal plan on a whole new level that we can’t even fathom today, make things last forever (or at least until the final child) and ensure their homes were clean and tidy just to increase the chances of surviving life’s struggles.   

2) Cultural Values

Many grandmas will have come from cultures around the world, and yet even with the differences, you can be pretty confident that there was a high value placed on being organised, cleanliness and orderliness.  Pressure from society would have influenced the importance of these traits so the chances of grandmas taking on these characteristics were always going to be high.  Often times, grandmas would have themselves grown up in households where being organised was non-negotiable so that increased the chances of this trait following them into their adult lives.

3) The Bare Necessities

Grandmas would have worn many hats, and there would have been responsibilities aplenty.  Not only did most grandmas take care of the family and run the household (just small things, really) but also sometimes they would even have worked outside of the home.  This was the beginning of working parents, as we know it.  And so the juggle began, and to keep all of the proverbial balls in the air, grandmas would have had to be super organised and efficient.  Imagine, if you can, the lack of all of our lovely, shiny working mod-cons that make life so much easier, and I think that we can find some sympathy for our grandmas.

4) The Passing of Nuggets of Wisdom

Not only did grandmas have all of the things already mentioned above on their plates but also they often prided themselves on passing their golden nuggets of knowledge onto the next generation and the generation after that.  Once they had tried, failed, tested and succeeded in passing on the important life skill of being organised to their children, then along came the grandchildren, who of course also needed this skill in order to succeed in any way in life.

It’s fair to say that our grandmas CV wouldn’t have fit on even two pieces of paper with all of the responsibilities that they had so being organised was just a given.  Throw in some life experience, cultural values, surviving at life and passing on a legacy of organising knowledge, and it’s plain to see why our grandmas were naturally very organised.

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