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Have you ever felt so guilty about throwing away an unwanted item in your home that you just kept it?

Me, too! I’m Sheena, an eco-friendly professional organiser that loves helping clients free up their time by finding easy, sustainable solutions for getting rid of the items they no longer want or need.

Since I was a little girl, my natural instincts have been drawn towards anything to do with organising, and searching for the secrets of what brings people joy in their homes.

To start with, I chose a calling that used different organising skills, teaching. It was in the last 6 years of my successful 19-year career that I focused on supporting those with neurodiversities, particularly Autism and ADHD, through mentoring, coaching and promoting mental wellbeing.  Finding a way to help others create positive mental health strategies became the driving force for starting my organising business.

As a verified member of the Association of Professional Declutters and Organisers, I also enjoy volunteering as their Reuse and Recycling Coordinator, helping other members find sustainable organisations for unwanted clutter.

In the tiny village of Sanderstead is where you’ll find me, living with my husband, my son, and our tortoiseshell cat. Many days are spent creating lasting memories with family and friends especially outdoors, researching high and low for new places to recycle or donate unwanted clutter or reading a good book (or two).

My promise is to share my nuggets of organising knowledge about things that I learn every day with truth and honesty, while trying my best to reuse and recycle where possible. It might be a ‘pretty and perfect’ solution but it WILL work for you. Look forward to a shake-up of ideas, problem-solving insights and a dedication to help you simplify your home, making it easier to maintain and creating peaceful spaces for you to recharge and relax.

Thanks for reading this far! Here’s hoping it’s just the beginning of our connection.


Before I would buy stuff at the store and then find out that I already had it at home. Being able to see everything is a fantastic result of using Sheena’s service so I’m now able to use things before they expire.

Leslie, South Croydon

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