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Eco-Friendly Decluttering and Moving House: A Sustainable Guide for Busy Women


In the bustling, sometimes chaotic world of South London, busy women are always on the move, juggling work, family, and personal life.  When it comes down to the thought of moving house, it can cause anyone’s knees to begin to tremble and heart to pitter-patter as the overwhelm of all that needs to be done sinks in.  But worry not, my friends!  Your Professional Organiser, your go-to expert in eco-friendly decluttering and organising, is here to guide you through this transitional journey with a twist of sustainability.

Declutter As You Pack:

Before things get down to the wire and the stress fully kicks in, it’s very important to declutter your spaces efficiently to avoid packing things that you don’t really need or love.  As a busy woman, you might find even the thought of this task daunting but look at it as the perfect opportunity to streamline your belongings and ensure that you are only taking what truly matters to you.  Here are some eco-friendly decluttering tips:


1. Your Packing Posse:  As you move around your home, room-by-room, slowly going through each drawer and cupboard, you want to have ready-to-use packing items with you as you go.  Your packing posse should include boxes for items to be packed, a box for donations, a rubbish bag for, well, rubbish, felt tips for labelling, packing tape, a cleaning cloth and a spray bottle of your favourite cleaning product (a simple water, washing up liquid, and vinegar solution works well).  Having these items with you will ensure that decluttering as you pack will be much easier.

2. Eco-conscious Donation: If this is something that you want to take into consideration, then you really need to give yourself plenty of time before your move to plan where items are going and how they will get there.  Donating gently used items to local charities or on local Facebook groups not only reduces waste but can also benefit those in need.  There is a better chance that the items you are donating will be passed onto someone that will be grateful for them.  Make a list of the items that will be donated and research where they will go.  Including larger items on this list will help you to keep track of the actions that are required from you to donate these items before moving day.


3. Sustainable Disposal: Starting early will allow you the time to dispose of unwanted items that cannot be donated.  Of course, there will inevitably be some items that are past their shelf life, and having the extra time gives you the chance to take the items that can be recycled to local recycling centres or dispose of hazardous materials in a responsible way.  Having the opportunity to avoid sending items to the landfill will give you the peace of mind that you are taking steps to support our planet. 

Sustainable Packing Materials:

When it’s finally time to pack, make eco-friendly choices for your packing materials:

1. Reuse Boxes:  Another advantage of starting early is that you will be able to check on local Facebook groups or Freecycle sites for anyone that is passing on their moving boxes.  In more recent years, people are realising that advantage of giving away their moving boxes as it’s a win-win for everyone.  The donators avoid the hassle of disposing of all that cardboard and the recipients are getting good quality boxes for free.  Moving boxes are durable and sturdy so they can be used again and again.  Some local shops and even restaurants are also happy to pass on their boxes as it costs them to have them taken away. 

2. Biodegradable Packing Peanuts:  If you are after some padding for fragile items, look for biodegradable packing peanuts made from cornstarch.  They are easily compostable and harmless to the environment. Most are even designed to dissolve in water. 

3.  Other Eco-friendly Wrapping Options: Keeping costs down may be a priority for your move so instead of buying packaging, there are a lot of items you already have in your home that can be used.  Socks are great for wrapping glassware.  Towels, sheets and even clothing can all act as a wrapping for your more delicate items.  Newspaper is often easy to come by, and it can be recycled afterwards. 


Mindful Unpacking:

Once you’ve successfully moved to your new home, there are a few ways that you can carry on with your eco-friendly ways.

1. Eco-conscious Disposal:  It might not feel like it will ever happen, but at some point, you will finally be heaving a big sigh of relief because all of your boxes are unpacked (or the most important ones anyway)!  Before cramming as much as you can into your new recycling box, try posting items for free on local online sites.  There is a good demand for this sort of thing so you will probably get lucky enough that someone will need your used packing materials.  This may seem like too much effort, too, and that’s perfectly fine.  Recycle what you can and if room always, store any reusable items for the future.

2. Sustainable Storage Solutions:  Now that you’re all moved in, it can be worthwhile to invest in some sustainable storage solutions like bamboo or cloth organisers, wooden or glass containers and recycled plastic bins to keep your new space clutter-free.  These items can also be sourced second-hand from charity shops, car boot sales or local free sites. 


3. Upcycling Furniture:  You may find that some of your old furniture no longer fits in your new space or layout.  Consider upcycling ore repurposing items to give them a new life instead of discarding them.  Coffee tables into benches, dressers into bathroom sink vanities, tabletops into kitchen islands or an ottoman from a low table-the options for upcycling are limitless.  A quick search on Pinterest will have you bursting with ideas in no time!


Moving house can feel like a new beginning, a transformation of sorts.  By approaching it with and eco-consciousness and decluttering mind, you not only reduce your environmental footprint but also create a more organised and serene living space. As Your Professional Organiser, my mission is to empower busy women in South London to embrace eco-friendly decluttering and sustainable moving practices, making the transition smoother and more environmentally responsible.

Are you planning a move? Share your thoughts and experiences with sustainable moving in the comments below.  Let’s support each other in creating eco-friendly, organised homes for a greener tomorrow.


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