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Eco-Friendly Hotel Hacks for Busy Women: Organise Your Stay With Ease

As an expert in eco-friendly decluttering and organising, I understand how important it is to keep up an organised and sustainable lifestyle even when travelling.  No need to worry though because I’ve got your back.  In this blog post, I’ll be sharing some brilliant hotel hacks to help you make the most of your stay while keeping true to your eco-conscious values.  From packing smart to reducing waste, these tips will have you travelling with a guilt-free conscience but also adding ease and comfort to your holiday.

1. Be Mindful When Packing

One of my favourite tips for travelling is to create a thoughtful packing list that includes everything that you will need but also avoids overpacking, so you’ll keep out unnecessary clutter.  Consider clothing items that are versatile so that they can be mixed and matched to create different outfit combinations.  Try and pack clothing that has similar colour palettes, too.  This way it will reduce the number of accessories you might choose to bring.  Packing light not only makes it easier for you to lug around your bags but it also reduces your carbon footprint by minimising your luggage weight. 

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2. BYO Sustainable Toiletries

Say no to single-use hotel toiletries and bring your own sustainable products instead.  It’s very cost effective to invest in reusable travel-sized bottles that you can fill with your everyday shampoo, conditioner and body wash.  This way you are guaranteed to help reduce unnecessary waste, and avoid any potentially chemicals that may irritate your skin.  Another good practice is to take the hotel toiletries when you leave and donate them to a local shelter.  These little products only get thrown away so this will make sure that they are put to good use. 

Photo: Karolina Grabrowska

3.  Use Eco-Friendly Laundry Practices

If your hotel offers laundry services, go for the eco-friendly options that use cold water and biodegradable detergents if they are available.  The other option is to pack some of your own eco laundry detergents and wash your clothes in the sink to save water and energy.  Laundry soap sheets are small and take up hardly any room!   It can be really useful if you have the space to take along a travel washing line and a few pegs to hang up any items that need to be dried.  There never seems to be enough places to hang things in hotels!  Another idea is to bring along a few suction hooks.  These are great for hanging things in the shower or creased clothing that could do with losing a few wrinkles.  If you don’t need fresh towels and linens daily, hang them up to show that you want to reuse them, reducing unnecessary water and energy usage. 

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4.  Reduce Energy Consumption

When you leave your hotel room, be mindful of what will be consuming energy while you are out.  Turn off lights, TVs and avoid the temptation to leave electronics charging.  This will help to conserve energy and reduce the overall environmental impact when travelling.  A personal preference of mine is to unplug the TV at night-time, too.  Not only does this save energy but it also gets rid of one more annoying little light source to help you sleep better.  Making sure that the air conditioning is off when you are out can be a great way to reduce energy, too. 

Photo: Tara Winstead

5.  Minimise Food Waste

You are probably not the only one that is taking a few bits of fruit from the breakfast buffet to save for later!  And while this is a good money-saving hack, be mindful that you are only taking things that will definitely get eaten so that they are not wasted.  Long-life products for late night snacks will last longer and are much easier to pack when you leave.  Of course, if you are ordering meals, you can avoid excessive food waste by choosing mindfully.  Start with a smaller portion, and you can always order other dishes if you need to later on.  If you do find yourself with leftovers, store them in the mini-fridge to enjoy later if this is an option. 

Photo: Sarah Chai

6.  BYO Reusable Water Bottle

This is a great addition in your hand luggage because most airports will have water fountains that you can use once you have gone through security.  This avoids buying any plastic water bottles and makes sure that you can stay hydrated on your flight.  A reusable bottle per person also comes in handy during your stay.  Most hotels will have somewhere that you can refill your bottle with safe drinking water.  Just remember to empty it once a day and give it a good wash to keep it nice and fresh on your holiday. 

Photo: Kei Scampa

7.  Organise Your Hotel Space

If you take a bit of time to organise your room, it will really help you to relax and unwind at the end of your day.  Put away any hotel brochures, leaflets or stand-up cards as they just take up space.  Hang any clothing that can be hung, and even bring a few extra hangers if your luggage will allow this.  Designate a dirty laundry station using a bag for life or if needed, give each person their own laundry bag.  If you need an extra flat surface, the ironing board does a great job.  Give each person their own flat surface to place things they need to keep track of.  Keep all of your important documents in the hotel safe.  Keeping your hotel room clutter-free and organised with specific places for everything will make it easier to find things.  Make use of any available spaces like drawers, hangers and luggage racks to keep your belongings tidy.

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8. Support Local and Sustainable Businesses

One of the things I love best about travelling is to ask the hotel staff their favourite things to do or places to eat.  This often leads to trying new places that are probably not found in your tourist guide.  This is a great way to support local businesses wherever you travel, too.  Also, ask at the hotel desk if there are any restaurants that serve locally sourced food or if there are any tour operators that participate in eco-conscious tours and activities. 

Photo: Vie Studio

With these eco-friendly hotel hacks in your back pocket, you are sure to enjoy a well-organised, sustainable and guilt-free stay.  Just remember, that small changes do add up to make a big difference.  By putting these practices into your travel routine, you’ll not only have a more enjoyable stay but you will also be contributing to a greener, more eco-conscious world.

Stay organised and happy travels!


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