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Let’s Get Your Summer Sorted

It’s that time of year that most people look forward to-summertime.  The weather is warmer, and the days are longer, a great combination for doing more things outdoors, but also, there are just generally more things happening at this time of year.  Friends and family are more likely to agree to outings and events simply because there are a wider variety of activities to take part in when the weather is more enjoyable, especially ones that don’t cost that much.

If you’re not careful though, you may end up whiling away your precious summer days, and before you know it, you’ll wake up, and the weather will be getting colder as you wonder where summer went.  Mary Oliver once wrote, ‘Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?’  So, following her suggestion to make the very most of this time, let’s explore a few different ways to get your summer sorted and make the most of this season.

General Organisation

First of all, it’s a great idea to get out a calendar that is easily accessible to anyone that needs to see it, and write down any events, special occasions, holidays and days out that you might have already planned.  This gives you a clear idea of just how much time you have to fill with things that you want or just to fit things in. 

Once those days are all slotted in, start to think about anything that is a priority by choice or by circumstance.  Perhaps you have a DIY project that can’t be put off any longer.  This is the time to make sure that you put some time aside to get this completed.  If there are any children involved in your priorities, then getting their school inventory (uniform, book bags, etc) will be something that you may want to prioritise sooner rather than later.  This can also be a good time to book any medical or dental appointments that you may have been putting off. 

Another idea that is quite fun to do on your own or with others is to create a bucket list of things that you really want to do over these glorious, sunshine-filled days.  These don’t need to be elaborate or expensive ideas, just things that you know will bring you joy such as picnics in the park, outdoor concerts or movies, barbecues, campfires, days at the beach or watching the sunset.  This is an opportunity to make sure that you have planned moments of events to look forward to into your busy schedule.

Something a bit more practical for sunny days out is to have a bag already packed with a few essentials such as sun cream, sun hats, a few first aid bits, cool bags and travel-friendly snacks.  This makes getting out the door a lot less stressful, and you’re less likely to forget anything.  If this doesn’t work for you, making a list that you keep by the front door with the same items might be useful, too.  Generally, at this time of year, if possible, it’s a great idea to find some storage near your front door where all these summer essentials can live for this season.

Home Organisation

There is no obligation to do any organising over the summer, and that’s perfectly fine, but you might decide that with the weather making things easier to plan and actually do tasks, this could be a good time to tackle those outside jobs that may have been neglected.  Some of the things that might be worth looking at are any objects outdoors that require painting, cleaning garden furniture, washing windows, washing patios, or even just replacing any worn out doormats.  Of course, the job that most gets put off is sorting and organising garages and sheds, and it’s no wonder because they are time-consuming jobs.  But the summer is the perfect time to get these big projects out of the way.  This also allows you the opportunity to move summer items like toys and furniture closer to the front of these spaces to have easy access to them.

Of course, you can also choose to take this time off from any big home organising projects, and that’s okay, too.  One suggestion though to keep the house under control when things get busy is to adopt the practice of little but often.  Try and make it a general part of your day to do a five-to-ten-minute tidy up before bed each night so that your home is ready for the next day of activities.  Now is a great time to set up a drop zone for summer items that may need to be dealt with right away like sandy and wet towels.  If you have a designated spot to hang these things to dry and then store them until the next time, it will make life a whole lot easier.

Social Organisation

Take some time to see what events your local area has on this summer and try adding a few of these onto the calendar.  This will give you a chance to enjoy things that are right on your doorstep, and you also won’t be stuck for ideas to fill your time. 

Do you enjoy entertaining?  Now is the time to get your friends around, have some delicious summer treats and drinks and make precious memories.  Why not get a date in the diary when everyone can come and just make it happen?  It’s also important to book days out with your friends and family to make the most of being able to spend time together.  If you’d really like to get some more activity into your life, plan exercise or walking dates with others.  Connections with the ones you love requires effort so show them how important they are to you by scheduling time with them this summer.

Personal Development Organisation

While summer can be great for lazy, relaxing days, it’s also important to schedule in some down time.  It can be a good opportunity to focus on things that you might not always have  time for the rest of the year.  Why not create a summer reading list of books that you’ve been meaning to read?  You could even set yourself a summer reading challenge to give yourself the chance to fit in more reading than you normally do.  Perhaps you have been meaning to learn something new, and you can take this time to read up about it, or maybe you could even join a class to work on a new skill.

This is also the perfect chance to try out some new summer recipes.  Whether they are on the grill or even in the slow cooker (it’s not just for winter), there are so many options for fresh, local produce that you could be making into special seasonal eats.  Why not try a new vegetable or herb in a favourite recipe to shake things up a bit?

One easy way to support yourself on a personal level is to take a break from technology.  Taking time away from your screen reduces stress and anxiety and gives you the chance to make greater connections with those around you.  This gives your mind the chance to think about other things and can lead to creative thoughts that you didn’t even know existed. In this sense, it gives you the space to explore new ideas and makes it easier to see possibilities when they present themself.

Summer is a truly special time of year and by being a bit more organised now, you will be able to make the very most of each and every day.  Whether it’s just general stuff, being more organised at home, setting yourself up for personal development success or organising your social events, being that one step ahead will have you taking full advantage of your one wild and precious life.  Go on, grab the bull by the horns and make the most of your summer!


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