A comprehensive subscription for local people who care about the environment to find out where to donate or recycle common household items easily and quickly, with support from a professional organiser, so you can stop feeling eco-guilt and feel peace of mind about the clutter you let go.

Suitable for households in East Surrey and the London boroughs of Croydon, Sutton and Merton)

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Do you have stuff lying around your home that you no longer want or need?

Are you struggling to know what to do with those items?

Do you REALLY want to donate or recycle those items instead of just throwing them away but just don’t have the time to research where to take them?

There is a solution!

The Surrey Eco-Decluttering Subscription has all of the answers in one, simple, easy-to-access place.

No more time-wasting.

No more researching.

No more unwanted stuff taking up space in your home.

No more indecision about what to do with your unwanted stuff.

This subscription will save you ALL the hassle of researching a place where you can donate or recycle your clutter.

“The biggest benefit of this list is that it has helped me to declutter some items that were lingering as I had not a clue what to do with them.  It’s comprehensive and all in one place at the touch of a button, so easy to check out for more difficult items.”

Maria, Sutton 

Sheena Taylor is an eco-friendly, declutter-loving professional organiser that loves helping her clients free up their time by finding, easy sustainable solutions for getting rid of items they no longer want or need.

For 19 years, Sheena enjoyed using her organising skills in her successful, teaching career, and spent the last 6 of those specialising in Autism, ADHD, mentoring, coaching and mental wellbeing.  Her desire to support those with neurodiversities to promote their own positive mental health became the driving force behind her organising business.

When Sheena’s not sorting and labeling, she enjoys her voluntary position with the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (APDO) as their Reuse and Recycle Coordinator, cherishing moments with her family and friends outdoors, travelling (42 countries explored so far) or reading a good book. 

Sheena has spent the last few years searching for local avenues to recycle or donate unwanted household items. 


is the subscription group you NEED if you want to donate or recycle your clutter locally and sustainably. 


This subscription will save you heaps of time!  Instead of spending hours searching and searching online to find the location that is not only close by but will ACTUALLY accept your items, this list has the names, addresses and contact details of those organisations ALL in one place.


You have the item you wish to declutter but you have absolutely no ideas what to do with it so that it doesn’t end up in landfill.  This easy-to-access subscription will save you the hassle of having to ask around or rack your brain for the solution.  Each item listed has a suggested location that will readily accept your item, and not only that, the organisations have been chosen because they are convenient-local and easy drop-offs.


No longer will your unwanted items have to be destined for landfill.  This subscription has over 100 common, household items and places that you can donate them to be reused in some way, prolonging the life of the item and keeping it out of the tip!


The organisations on this list have been chosen because they are local to you and your local, surrounding area.  People in your community that are champions of their cause and also want to help our planet have established these organisations.  Building relationships and supporting these initiatives helps to create a sense of belonging to your community.


How It Works 

  • For £6 per month, you will have access to a private Facebook Group with a local professional organiser at your fingertips to answer all of your questions about donating or recycling  as well as regular posts about the organisations on the list to keep them fresh in your mind, updates when new organisations are added and most importantly, accountability to take the actions.
  • You will have access to my regularly-updated donation list with ALL of locations of places to locally donate or recycle any time you need it.
  • There are over 100 common, household items in alphabetical order on the list.
  • The organisations on the list are ready and willing to accept your items.
  • The names, locations and contact details of all of the organisations are included.
  • You will have login details so only members can access the donation list.

“When I opened this incredible resource, I was so impressed.  If you are looking to pass on or recycle items that have been sitting in your garage or your loft for years, you will definitely find a good home for them.”

Sandrine, Worcester Park



Your Questions Answered

Is this right for me?

If you live in East Surrey or the London boroughs of Croydon, Sutton or Merton, you have clutter in your home and you care about your environmental impact, then this list will be incredibly useful.

Why should I pay for this subscription instead of doing it myself?

This list will save you an incredible amount of time in your already busy schedule, and will be regularly updated so you will quickly find out about new, local organisations that will accept items.  

You will also have access to a private Facebook Group where you can have all of your questions answered about any items that you are really stuck about finding somewhere to donate them.

How long will I have access to the subscription?

You will have access to the donation list and Facebook Group as long as you are paying the monthly subscription amount of £6.

How often can I access the list?

You can access the list as often as you need.  There is no limit to the amount of times that you can refer to it to help you get rid of any unwanted household items.

When can I start using the list?

You will have access as soon as you have signed up and paid for the first month of your subscription.

How do I access the list?

The donation list can be accessed through Your Professional Organiser website with your login details. 

“Great list to have as it gives you details where a lot of unwanted items could be donated, and it also gives you ideas of what else you could donate.”

Mary, Cheam





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“I have no problem letting go of items but this list has made me get the items out of the house.”

Inge, Sutton