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The Simple Truth That Makes Decluttering Your Clothes Easy

Clothing is a funny thing.  I mean, it’s just clothing, pieces of material all sewn together, but the truth is that it is so much more than that.  Clothing means something to each of you-there are memories of the money you have spent, memories of events gone by, memories of the physical changes your body may have gone through, memories of old jobs, memories of places you have visited and memories of who you once were.  That’s a whole lot of memories!

Not only does clothing have all of those sentimental thoughts attached to them, but it also has a natural tendency to accumulate.  The act of buying new items has never been easier, and you may find that more clothing comes into your home than leaves your home.  The build-up begins, and then it just keeps on building until you are at breaking point, no room left ANYWHERE.  You know it’s time.  You can’t put it off any longer.  You have to declutter! Don’t worry though because you’ll see the benefits almost immediately-it will be quicker to find things, easier to decide what to wear and there will be far less laundry.

Before you begin though, I want to talk about another aspect of clothing that will really change the way you think about what you wear and make it so much easier to declutter.  Clothing is powerful!  It has the ability to make you feel things about yourself like nothing else can.  It has the power to make you feel bad about the person you are because it creates so many negative stories that you tell yourself.  Here are some of things that clothing might be telling you: that makes me look fat, it makes me look too thin, it makes my bottom look too big, it shows off my wobbly bit, it makes my stomach look big, and the list goes on and on.  That’s really powerful stuff, and if you start off each day with clothing making you feel all of these horrible things about yourself, that’s very harmful to you and your mental wellbeing because once you start feeling like you’re just not good enough, that feeling hangs around with you all day.

So, right here, right now, let’s call a stop to that.  If ANY item of clothing in your wardrobe makes you feel even the slightest bit less than amazing, it doesn’t deserve to be there.  Let’s get to the point where you are only enjoying the items you do LOVE and the items you actually wear.  That’s the simple truth that you need to hang onto in the whole process because at the end of the day, this whole task is about your self-love and your self-esteem so set yourself up for success.

There are so many tips and tricks out there on how to declutter your clothing such as taking everything out of the closet and putting things into categories, but let’s keep it really simple to make it as easy as possible.

1) Decide when and where you will donate any items that you want to let go of and put a time in the diary, sooner rather than later.

2) Figure out how much actual time you have to declutter some clothes and set a timer for 10 minutes before your time is up.

3) Take one item of clothing out of your wardrobe/drawer/basket/holder of clothing. 

4) Ask yourself these questions:

Do I like wearing it?

Does it make me feel good?

Does it fit me right now?

Make one pile of YES items and one pile of NO items.  Keep in mind how you want your clothes to make you feel.  You deserve to feel fabulous! Ripped-it’s a NO. Stained-also a NO.  Too worn out/bobbly/thinning-NO, NO, NO.

This would be a good time to divide the NO pile: clothes to donate, clothes to sell and clothes that need to be sent to the charity shop in a rag bag.  Remember that these items have already been decided on so avoid the temptation to put anything back in with your YES pile.

One thing that might come up is that you’re not 100% positive about the questions above.  If this happens then try the item on.  If you still can’t decide, wear the item straight away or in the next few days, and pay attention to how you feel wearing it.  That will help you decide if it should stay or if it should go.

5) When the timer goes off, put the YES items back into your wardrobe/drawer/basket/holder of clothing.

6) Donate any items to charity ASAP!  If you decide to sell anything, give yourself a deadline that you must sell them by otherwise they can be donated, too. This can also be true for any items that need to be repaired or altered. 

And that’s it.  As simple as that, and if you don’t do all of your clothes in the time you have, that’s okay, too.  You can just repeat the process when you’ve got another chunk of time. 

Following these easy steps will have you on your way to decluttering your clothing, and by now, you will hopefully only be choosing to keep the clothing that you love and that loves you back.  You deserve to wear clothing that makes you feel good about yourself and banish all the rest. 

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