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Where to Start When Decluttering Your Home

You’ve got all of the things ready to get started, the motivation has kicked in, and you’re raring to go, but which room do you start in?  It can be quite difficult to decide where the best place to get things moving out of your home should be because there are so many options: cupboards, drawers, garages, lofts, not to mention all of those rooms! Honestly, it’s a common roadblock for a lot of people so here are a few suggestions to help you to decide.  Before you know it, you’ll be well on your decluttering-way.

1) Bathroom

It might surprise you to know that some experts say that the bathroom is the best place to start on your decluttering journey because it will be easiest.  What makes it easier than all of the other places in your home?  Well, for starters, bathrooms are usually smaller than most other rooms in your home, which makes it a quicker win than if you start with a larger space.  Bathrooms tend to have less storage space, too, so there are less areas to declutter.  Plus, some of the stuff you are going to find in your bathroom has an expiry date like make-up or medication so that makes the decision for you.  Toss! 

Another reason that the bathroom is usually a bit easier to start with is that most people don’t have as many sentimental items in this room because it is a high moisture zone.  No good for things you are trying to preserve!

2) Entrance of the Home

Household entryways probably have the highest amount of traffic going through it every day.  People come in, people go out.  It’s just a fact of life.  But this also means that this will also be one of the biggest clutter trap areas in your home.  What’s the first thing you do when you come in the door?  Most likely, it’s put things down, and this will be the same for all members in a house. 

Another really important point to make about starting in the entrance is that it is the first area that you see when you enter your home.  Would it feel better coming into a space that is full of stuff all over the place or a space where everything has a place and fits neatly into it?

3) Room You Spend the Most Time In

Generally, the room you spend the most time in is the one where you have managed to put a bit more energy into, and it has more reflection of the styles that you prefer.  So, it goes without saying that you probably spend more time there as the area makes you feel good.  You might not have noticed this, but it can sometimes be the area where more stuff tends to get stored, too. In any case, taking the time to sort out this room would allow you to have the space that you enjoy the most giving off that calm and peaceful feeling that you need to put your feet up and relax or enjoy something of your liking.

4) The Messiest Room

This one is the most common place that people want to tackle first because often times, the stuff has taken over and the room is no longer a room but a storage area.  This room will be a hotspot for stressing you out because every time you look at it, you will feel a wave of overwhelm splash over you.  It will seem impossible, and that’s most likely how it has stayed that way in the first place.  But decluttering this room will have one of the biggest impacts.  Why is that?  Because it will give you the biggest sense of relief, calm and inner peace once it is finally finished, and the room can be used as a room once again.

5) Your Bedroom

Everyone says it, and it’s true-your bedroom is meant to be your sanctuary.  It is the place where your day begins and where your day ends, the entry and exit points of your day.  And what better way to set things off or calm things down then by having a space that feels calm, where there are no to-do lists or reminders of things that need to get done?  Of course, sleep is key to your overall mental and physical health so by having a good environment for sleeping, you will improve the quality that you get night after night.

The truth is that there is not one solution that will fit everyone.  You have to choose what feels right for you!  The most important thing is to take that leap, and just get started.  Take those first steps because once you’ve decided where to start, it will keep the momentum going, and before you know it, you’ll be ready to tackle the next space.  Wherever you start, you’ve got this!

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