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Why Giving Items Away Is Always Better Than Throwing Them Away

Often times, you might think that making decisions about whether to keep or get rid of items in your home is the hardest part, but this may not be the reality.  While making those choices is quite difficult, it isn’t the end of the decision-making process because what happens to the unwanted clutter when it leaves your home?

For some people, this will be an easy decision because they feel the benefits of throwing something away may outweigh any other thoughts about its disposal.  When you throw something away, sometimes you might have the idea that because the item was no longer useful or valuable, it may seem justified when getting rid of it.  Let’s not forget to mention that it’s a very convenient, time-effective solution.  There is also a huge sense of relief when something is thrown away as it no longer takes up space in your home.  This feeling of being relieved can be quite paramount, and so it makes sense that people send items to landfill to achieve this.  It’s a huge pull, and in some cases, it may also be the only or best option.

But this relief can sometimes be short-lived, and before you know it, feelings of guilt begin to creep in instead.  Goodbye warm, fuzzy feeling and hello to cold, uncomfortable feeling.  Guilt.  Or even wastefulness.  Then the questions start popping up and plaguing your mind.  Should I have thrown that away?  Was it in good enough condition to be used again?  Am I being wasteful?  Is it polluting the planet?

While throwing something away may be easier and more convenient in the moment, giving things away can often provide more meaningful and fulling experiences.

When you make the choice to give an item away, you are ultimately offering it to someone else that can re-use it.  Knowing in your heart that the item will be put to good use and benefit the other person somehow creates a sense of satisfaction and happiness because you are helping.  The smiles of faces and words of appreciation are the proof needed to show that you are doing a good deed and have helped to make the day a bit brighter for others.

Maybe you make the decision to give your unwanted clutter to a charity instead.  This is a very popular choice because it can be an easy and convenient solution, too.  The sense of accomplishment when you have finally dropped off your unwanted things to a local shop that is raising funds for a good cause is great.  The funding from the sale of your items will be helping that charity to improve and increase the resources they use to help others.  Not only that but with the cost of living going a bit through the roof at the moment, more people are buying items from charity shops because it’s more affordable.  A win, win!

Of course, there are even more benefits than the ones listed above that make giving things away the better choice.  The first one is that by taking this action, you are reducing the number of items going to landfill so therefore, reducing waste.  And no one is saying that the life span of the items you no longer want is going to be forever, but it does delay those things from ending their usefulness in a home until it really is their time.  The second benefit is one that has more to do with your sense of belonging.  Giving something away can give you the feeling of being part of a community and give you opportunities to connect with others because you are sharing resources.

The choice to throw something away versus giving it away to be reused can differ quite a bit.  Decision making can be really hard, and often your values and priorities will be reflected in how things pan out for your unwanted things.  In the end, giving things away does have more benefits especially on an emotional level in terms of happiness, satisfaction and fulfilment than throwing things away.  So, what will you do the next time you have something you no longer want?   

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